Terms & Conditions

Our wedding is one of the most important events of your life and Our Team puts in great effort at capturing all the emotions and relationships and narrating your story through portraits and albums.

As is the industry standard, all our photography is conditioned upon the Terms and Conditions of our business. You will always receive exact details in advance of your proposed assignment.

Here’s a look at our general Terms and Conditions. Remember that these may not all apply in every situation and are subject to change, depending on the job at hand. The following is for informational purposes only.

Use of Images & Videos :

Images & Videos are strictly produced for the client’s private home use only.  Photographer hereby grants to the Client the following exclusive rights to use the Images for use as personal demo, for the product or publication named in paragraph 1(a).  These rights shall be worldwide, in all media and for the full life of the copyright.  If any of the Photographer’s images are published (on the web or any other media), proper photo credit of “Images by Cinestyle India” is required.  If Client is obtaining a print for newspaper announcement of the wedding, the Photographer authorizes Client to reproduce the print in the above manner. The Photographer shall retain the rights to use the images for publicity purpose in internet website or social media websites.

Payment Terms:

A 10%advance on booking time & 80 % of amount on 1st day of Programme. 10% balance amount due before album printing & check demo work by client. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, personal cheques and bank transfers.


Client is responsible for sending an authorized representative to the shoot. If no representative is present, Client must accept Photographer’s judgment as to the creation of the Image(s).

If Client requires a reshoot, Client will pay Photographer an additional fee of one hundred percent of the fee stated in the quote or invoice for the original shoot, plus all expenses for the reshoot.

If a reshoot is required due to factors beyond the control of Photographer, including but not limited to, weather conditions, acts of God, or the fault of a third party, Photographer will not charge an additional fee and Client agrees to pay all expenses for the reshoot

Delivery Timelines :

Raw Digital photos to be handed over anywhere within 1 week to 1 month through mail or copy to your pc. Photo selection time is one month to two month which is countable from wedding day. Edited video & promo is handover with in 45 days. Selected pics edit in 15 days & demo check by client. Video & Photo correction only one time by client.

Termination of Contract :

In the event of a termination of this Agreement by the Client, the Client agrees that all fees already paid to the Photographer as of the date the notice of termination is received by the Photographer will be forfeited.  Termination by the Client shall be in writing and sent by registered mail or email to the Photographer.


The Photographer and any of his agents or third party associates will not be liable in the unlikely event that a problem arises, whether due to accident, loss of materials, acts of god, equipment or other failures.  The Photographer is not responsible for loss of, or interference with, the photography due to restrictions on the location, including but not limited to, interference from surrounding devices, access limitations, flash restrictions, and the like.  This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing (film and digital), lost through camera malfunction, lost in the mail, fire or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of the Photographer.  Client understands the unpredictable and non-posed nature of photojournalism (assumption of risk) and waives any right to any civil action due to missed or lost photographs (including but not limited to unintentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence).  In the event the Photographer fails to perform for any other reason, the Photographer‘s liability is limited solely to the return of all payments received from the Client under this Agreement.

Warranty and Indemnity:

The Photographer warrants and represents that he is the sole creator of the Images and owns all rights granted under this Agreement, that the Images are an original creation (except for materials obtained with the written permission of others or materials from the public domain), that the Images do not infringe any other person’s copyrights or rights of literary property, nor do they violate the rights of privacy of, or libel, other persons. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Photographer against any claims, judgments, court costs, attorney’s fees, and other expenses arising from any alleged or actual breach of this warranty.

Permissions to Photograph:

It is the sole responsibility of the Client to secure permission of the church, gurudwara , temples or other venue of the wedding for the Photographer to photograph the ceremony/event.  The Client shall insure the placement of the party, the officiant(s) and the altar decorations so as to not obscure the view of the bride and groom.  The Photographer will abide by the rules of the church/gurudwara/temple in regards to camera placement at the ceremony.

Final Product :

It is also understood that the Client is hiring the Photographer for his technical and artistic expertise and, therefore, the Photographer reserves the right to edit the Images as he sees fit.  The Photographer does not guarantee that everyone involved in the event will be photographed or will be included in the final Images.

Photographer Substitution:

The Photographer may substitute another photographer to take the photographs in the event of Photographer’s illness or circumstances beyond his control.  In the event of such substitution, Photographer warrants that the photographer taking the photographs shall be a competent professional.

Exclusive Photographer:

The Photographer and videographer shall be the exclusive retained by the Client for the purpose of documenting the wedding and other contracted event(s).  Family and friends of the Client shall be permitted to photograph the wedding as long as they shall not interfere (standing in front of or behind the photographer) with the photographer’s.  It is most preferred when all guests are requested not to photograph the wedding.

Coordinator :

Due to the nature of typical wedding day and varieties of events taking place in several locations, the photographer will frequently move, change and secure his equipments throughout the day.  It is likely that the photographer is not in the proximity as the couple, therefore, is not aware what is about to be taken place. It is the responsible of the wedding coordinator/clint/planner to inform the photographer when the next major event is about to take place.  For example, starting of ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, toss of bouquet…etc.  In addition, designated person shall be responsible in organizing and tracking all posed photos that are required.  The photographer is there to take photos of all groups in front of him but cannot be responsible in organizing and tracking all the groups.

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