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Best Wedding Photographers in Mohali

Every wedding photographer can give you photos, but we go a step further to make it an awe-inspiring and most cherished moment of your life. Every photograph has a story behind it and we bring out the essence of that story. Our team is highly professional and creative where the ideas flow. Photography is our profession but wedding photography is our passion. We are driven by our quest to capture emotions, expressions and moments through my lens & the outcome is indeed a memory worth preserving. It is an honour for a Best wedding photographer in Mohali to capture the entire extravaganza of an indian wedding, and given an opportunity to freeze all of your precious memories in form of timeless photography.

Our Wedding Photography Service Include :

We provide cinematography & wedding photography in Mohali, Chandigarh north India. We are also available for destination weddings & pre-wedding shoots at overseas locations. Our team is highly experienced and agiler when it comes to covering destination weddings & offshore shoots.

Pre Wedding photography in Mohali

Pre wedding photoshoots are for couples who want beautiful images of their relationship without having to deal with the headaches of wearing bulky wedding clothes, wearing jewellery, having a large crowd of people around, or taking several selfies. Pre-wedding photography enables the couple to get well acquainted. You are not required to pose just go with flow of the moment.

Wedding Photography in Mohali

Wedding is most important decision and celebration in everyone’s life. And wedding photography is something that plays an important role is capturing your precious moments. And there are several types that comes under wedding photography which helps in capturing your beautiful moments

Candid Wedding Photography in Mohali

Because it emphasises beauty, Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh is among the most popular wedding photography trends in India. Realistic and natural images are the main focus of this kind of photography. Since candid photos are not staged, they are more relevant and meaningful. This kind of wedding photography captures sentiments, emotions, and experiences that staged photos are unable to convey.

Portrait Photography

Using backdrops, lighting, and posture, portrait photography aims to capture a person’s essence, personality, identity, and attitude. It will assist you in documenting your special moments during your wedding in an elegant manner. They will assist you in expressing your feelings as beautifully as you possibly can.

Photography Via Drone

Drones have just lately entered the world of wedding photography. Drones are a fantastic method to gather overhead images of the wedding location or one for the pre-wedding shoot, as well as mesmerising frames from your wedding festivities.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Popular wedding photography styles like traditional photography need a thorough understanding of the customs and cultures around the event. In order to ensure that none of the ceremony’s best pictures are lost in the process, the wedding photographer has to be informed of which ritual follows after which. The bride portraits and vidaai pictures are included in the definition of traditional wedding photography.

Why Choose Us For best wedding photography Service

Selecting the top wedding photographers is simple with Cinestyle India. You may get wonderful services and even exciting discounts on several top wedding photographers in your area by visiting the website. You can quickly find the best option by using the site’s filters to sort through the many options.

Awards & Recognition
As a seasoned photographer, our work has been recognized by many of our clients from the regions of Punjab, Chandigarh & other parts of North India. Our photos have won critical appreciation at various global service & business award forums. Our work won us the awards for best wedding photographer in Chandigarh.


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