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We are a team of passionate, experienced, and exceptionally dedicated Chandigarh wedding photographers that believe weddings are about the people, emotion, and celebration, not the fancy centerpieces or magazine-style decor.

You, your partner as well as your friends and family deserve to be captured in a beautiful and authentic way without forcing you into awkward poses.

Here are some things to consider when looking to hire a Chandigarh wedding photographer:

  • How many wedding have the shoot?
  • Can they work with all types of people in different types of locations?
  • Are thet willing to show your multiple full galleries?
  • Can they shoot in a variety of venues?

Three Reasons We’are your Chandigarh wedding photographers

Truly unique style

We began our Chandigarh wedding photographer journey in 2007 – long before you could purchase presets to give your images certain looks. The unique colour palette we use to edit our images is truly one-of-a-kind. It was developed by us long before buying presets was a thing. The vibrant and rich colour of our images is unique to us only!

We love “obstinate” couples

Most folks who inquire tell us that they’re “obstinate” in front of a camera and those are our favourite people! Our job is to work with our couples to built rapport and give them natural prompts to their personalities shine through any ‘awkwardness’ that might be there. Our secret? We’re not just some random people behind a camera who calls themselves Chandigarh wedding photographers – we’re real people just like you and also feel awkward in front of the camera. We get it and we can totally work with it.

Behind-the-scenes safety

One of the worst nightmares a couple can experience is receiving the dreaded “We lost your images” email. Remember when we talked about the experience earlier? Part of that includes a workflow that has multiple redundant steps put in place to ensure your images are safe: we even make copies of your images WHILE we’re taking them on the wedding day! We had one chance to get it right: and we do!

Why Work With Us On Your Wedding Day?

We are a tight knit team of professional wedding photographers. Since our inception in 2007, we’ve painstakingly taken the time to create our Wedding Photography packages in order to develop our unique visual style suitable for Indian Moments, luminous weddings, authentic moments and more. Our Chandigarh Wedding Photography team prides ourselves on being able to make your wedding day extra special whether that’s in Chandigarh Tricity or the surrounding areas around North India. We want our bride and groom to be able to enjoy their big day without any worries. And that means bringing the best wedding photographers and videographers to capture this special moment that will be shown to family and the world.

We are a tight knit team of award winning wedding photographers and artists with over a decade of wedding industry experience. Voted as one of the best wedding photographers in North India, our team is available internationally from Dubai to England, Australia, UK and Europe.


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