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Sikh Wedding Photographers Amritsar

An award winning International wedding photographers – Cinestyle India is dedicated to delivering luxury wedding photography in Amritsar, specially in Chandigarh the main hub of North India. We have to have the privilege to photograph so many of Sikh wedding in Amritsar area. More we photograph Sikh weddings, the more we learn about them. There are different rituals and cultural ceremonies for Sikh weddings here in Amritsar area.

Pre-Wedding Events in Sikh Wedding Photography

We offer 4 to 5 hour coverage in our packages which covers Mahiya, Jagoo and Choora ceremony in Sikh Weddings. Usually, pre-wedding events are for close friends and family and we ensure we capture those moments when bride’s uncle is putting bangles or when groom’s mom is putting mahiya on the groom.

Before the Ceremony in Amritsar Sikh Weddings

Groom getting ready in Sikh weddings in Amritsar we have usually groom being helped to put on the turban. Surma or type of eyeliner which is put in the eyes of the groom before he leaves the house is another traditional ceremony in Sikh weddings. Groom walks out of his house with Kirpan as his sisters will be holding a phulkari over his head.

Barat and Milni – Barat and Milni are two major ceremonies and as a Sikh Wedding photographer Amritsar expert here in Amritsar, we usually sit with couples in their timeline meeting so they can budget approximate times for each of these ceremonies

Barat in Sikh weddings includes a lot of dancing, here in Amritsar/Punjab area, we expect horse as well on the Sikh and Hindu wedding ceremony. There is a lot of dancing on the beats of dhol and that energy and joyful moments are always fun to photograph.

Why Choose Us For Wedding Photography in Amritsar

Cinestyle India is a Chandigarh based wedding photography studio serving clients throughout North India for over 15+ years. Our distinctive style of wedding photography creates timeless images – a mix of photojournalistic moments and emotional moments. The final product is creative and expressive.

We are dedicated, first and foremost, to be history tellers. We strive to immortalize the memories of your special day, for you to cherish for years to come. We create images that are a true reflection of you, your story and your relationships.

Beauty lies in candid and unscripted moments and reactions. We understand that certain experiences in life are indescribable through words alone – let our images express those emotions for you. Our team would love to be a part of your special day. Cinestyle India is renowned for a personalized and professional approach. Please feel free to drop us a message and we can begin the creation of your unique story.


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