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What Services Do Wedding Photographers offer in Chandigarh?

The presence of wedding photography is crucial in every marriage ceremony as it immortalizes the stunning instances shared between the newlyweds, their loved ones, and friends. With its enchanting architecture, lush green landscapes, and picturesque spots that serve as ideal settings for a photoshoot; Chandigarh emerges as an exquisite city. In this splendid location, wedding photographers present numerous services to seize these invaluable moments in the lives of couples

The following are the services offered by wedding photographers in Chandigarh:

Pre Wedding Shoot

Couples are increasingly embracing the trend of pre-wedding shoots, a photoshoot conducted prior to the wedding ceremony. In Chandigarh, wedding photographers present an array of themes and locations for these special sessions, including scenic parks, charming gardens, serene lakesides, and fascinating historical monuments. These talented professionals skillfully capture candid moments that showcase the couple’s affectionate bond and chemistry with one another.

Candid Photography

Wedding photographers in Chandigarh excel at candid photography, the most favored style of capturing weddings. With their expertise and top-notch cameras, lenses, and equipment, they skillfully capture precious moments as they unfold naturally between the couple, families, and friends.

Traditional Photography

Chandigarh’s wedding photographers provide traditional photography services that beautifully capture the staged and posed moments of couples and their families. This style encompasses various rituals like mehndi, haldi, sangeet, as well as the main wedding ceremony itself.


Cinematography, a branch of videography, entails capturing the wedding ceremony and its associated events with a cinematic approach. This involves incorporating music, special effects, and skillful editing to create an aesthetic reminiscent of a movie experience. In Chandigarh region, professional wedding photographers extend their services in cinematography that effectively capture the true essence of these joyous marital celebrations.

Drone Photography

In Chandigarh, wedding photographers utilize drone photography to beautifully capture the various events and aesthetics of a marriage ceremony. This aerial technique offers a distinct perspective from above, recording stunning shots of scenic locations, the venue itself, and even the couple’s grand entrance.

Album Designing and Printing

Wedding photographers in Chandigarh provide album designing and printing services as the concluding stage of wedding photography. These services involve choosing top-quality pictures, performing edits, and creating a stunning album to be cherished by the couple for years to come.

To sum up, the wedding photographers in Chandigarh provide a range of services to capture the splendid moments of a couple’s life. Utilizing their skills, innovation, and top-notch equipment, they ensure an unforgettable wedding ceremony. The selection of an appropriate wedding photographer is vital in capturing these invaluable moments with utmost beauty.

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